External Links and Thrustmaster Info Sources

As of late 2006, there are still many, many websites that deal with Thrustmaster's "classic" high-end hardware, which is a testament to the quality of the hardware and the devotion of its users. Not bad for a 10+ year old product set.

There are also plenty of sites that, though they may not directly deal with Thrustmaster products, are still useful for anyone trying to keep using their old hardware.

As such, here is a list of websites that you'll probably want to know about, broken down into Hardware, Software, and Miscelaneous. 


No surprise here. Thrustmaster is still in business, and they still have a "downloads" page that has the classic DOS software. You can also buy a snazzy Cougar HOTAS or a bunch of other weird, pointless hardware. They may also sell spare parts.

CH Products' Replacement Parts Store
While CH Products may have seemed like "the enemy" to Thrustmaster users in the mid 1990's, the fact is that they're the best source of certain spare parts today. For example, the $10 "Potentiometer - HP100, 100K" is basically the same "pot" as the one used for the FLCS and the WCS, and it fits perfectly, and its probably of higher quality than the original. The various springs there may be just the ticket as well.

USENET Post About Alternative Pots
Here's a nicely detailed posting about using "generic" pots in an F-22 Pro, but it should be applicable to other Thrustmaster hardware.